Tribes of Avalonia


Symbol: A Knotted Wheel
Famed For: Famed Charioteers; Matrtiarchal; Boadicea's Rebellion
Notable Heroes: Boadicea
Notable Cities: Queen's Rest and Aerddon/Aerdulum
Leader: Etruscan Governor. The Morrigan, Gwynedd (hostage)
Allegiance: Imperial (grudgingly)

A fierce clan of charioteers, led by independent warrior queens. The Aecii are a warlike clan, only grudgingly under the heel of the Etruscan empire. After their last attempt at rebellion, led by Boadicea, their matriarchs were raped and Boadicea killed. Ever since, their royal line is held prisoner by the Etruscans to serve at the pleasure of Emperor Aurellius.

Clan Bonus: Amongst other Aecii, female Aecii have a +4 henchmen bonus. Aecii may gain the chariot jump, or yoke pole feat. Aecii are a horse people. They always begin with Riding and Charioteering.


Symbol: The Horns of Camulus
Famed For: Fertile Pastures; Strong and disciplined spear fighters; Largest clan; Wealthy Merchants
Notable Heroes: Telemarkus the Shrewd; Lugotorix the Red
Notable Cities: Camulodunon (Caratacum); Arkhaven; Nemetaleon; Voltiriven
Leader: King Telemarkus the Shrewd, client king of the Etruscan empire.
Allegiance: Imperial

A clan with two faces. One, the outstretched hand of trade extended by Telemarkus speaks of a clan unafraid of partnership with Etrusca. The other, the sharp spear of the war-cult of Camulus. Upon embracing Etrusca without a fight, the Camuloraven almost split in two, Lugotrix leading the war-cult against Telemarkus’ clansmen. Upon the eve of battle, Telemarkus spoke with Lugotrix privately. Nobody know what was said that night, but no battle was fought. Lugotrix returned to Nemataelon with his elite warriors, some say biding his time.

Clan Bonus: Camuloraven are skilled at fighting in shield walls. They may take the shield rim feat. Camuloraven from the city may speak and write Remulan at no additional cost. Camuloraven from the country know Agriculture and Animal Handling at no additional cost.


Symbol: The Carnyx
Famed For: Fighting the Etruscan Invasion; Guerilla tactics and deadly woodsmen; The audacity of Caratacus
Notable Heroes: Caratacus
Notable Cities: Caer Caradoc (Fort Caradulum); Verlamium (Verulamium); Caer Daernal (Fort Anatine)
Leader: Caratacus the Tormentor. Imperial Governor of Lower Avalonia.
Allegiance: Imperial

The name of Caratacus will go down in the annals of history. Caratacus had always been a warlike King, at the height of his powers the ruler of half the territory of his neighbours the Camuloraven. Upon the invasion of Albion by Etruscan forces, Caratacus fought back, hard. His renowned guerrilla tactics thinned the Etruscan legions and sent the first Governor fleeing across the sea to Etrusca for reinforcements. Reinforcements duly arrived ten years later, and after a bitter and bloody campaign, Caratacus was forced to give battle on an open plain and was finally defeated. Taken back in chains to Remus, Marcus Aurellius was so impressed, that not only did he not spare Caratacus’ life, but he sent him back to Avalonia invigorated with an imperial periapt and in full possession of Imperial authority. Now Governor of Lower Avalonia, as in his former life, Caratacus now only wants more.

Clan Bonus: Caratacae are skilled ambushers. Caratacae rogues gain a +5% bonus to move silently and hide in shadows. Caratacae impose an additional -1 penalty when ambushing opponents, and are at a +1 to resist being ambushed. All Caratacae may take the Hunting, Tracking, and Set Snares NWPs as though they were the correct class.

Hevta Trinomentes

Symbol: The Waters of Sulis
Famed For: Healing Springs (and latterly Etruscan Baths); Vineyards; Thieving, cursing, conmen
Notable Heroes: Segovax
Notable Cities: Sulis; Isca
Leader: High Priest Gaius Calpurnius Receptus
Allegiance: Imperial

A tribe fiercely loyal to kith and kin, and hostile to all else. For centuries vassals of the Aecii, and bordered to the south by the peaceful Kerns, the Hevta had little army of their own. Their capital, Sulis, had long been a holy site to all, and its waters prized by the Druids of the past. Under occupation, Sulis has once again turned to religious use, though by foreigners. Powerless to do much else, the locals lie, cheat and steal from their occupiers, and etch curses into the rock as witness to their anger.

Their only notable hero is Segovax, a beggar king turned assassin who slew Governor General Publius in his mansion as he relaxed after slaking his thirst for unwilling Aecii flesh.

Clan Bonus: Many Hevta are skilled pickpockets and thieves. Hevta rogues gain a 10% to pick pockets.


Symbol: The Fish and two-pronged spear
Famed For: Mineral Wealth; Mountanous Terrain; Neutrality and inaccessibility
Notable Heroes: Isenkern
Notable Cities: Tayleorn
Leader: Queen Selwyn (wife of the deceased King Isenkern)
Allegiance: Neutral

A tribe which has always valued independence, the Kerns have never thrown their lot in with any other power, from home or abroad. The Kerns have always trusted in the harshness of their mountainous peninsula to protect them from harm. The Etruscans attempted to conquer the Kerns, but the Kerns simply blocked their mountain passes trapping and destroying an Etruscan legion. Isekern, their King, later treated with the Etruscans, to be left neutral, provided once a year the Kerns brought tribute to the Etruscans. Unable to press any kind of advantage, the Etruscans accepted.

Clan Bonus: Kerns live in a mountainous realm. All Kerns know mountaineering. In the mountains, mistaking the weather is death. All Kerns know weather sense.


Symbol: The Druid's Circle
Famed For: Druids; Many Stone Circles; Barrows
Notable Heroes: Morganna
Notable Cities: Caerdydd; Llangollen
Leader: Council of Druids
Allegiance: Resistance

A people fiercely devoted to the druids and the old ways, the Caerlic clans have a healthy respect for nature and the gods, and a simmering hatred for the Etruscans who have respect for neither. Once, the Druids ruled throughout Albion, but no longer – the Etruscans burned all the druids they could find, and at the height of their powers, the Etruscans drove deep into Caerlic lands, forcing them to flee to Avalon.

The return of the mists to Albion broke the back of the Etruscan assault, and heralded the returns of the druids to the vale of Caerleon, but the omens are ill. The creatures that stalk in the mists know no difference between legionnaire and tribesman.

Clan Bonus: Caerlic Druids are not merely priests, but also soothsayers and leaders. A Caerlic druid counts as having Bardic lore (5% per level) when relating to the natural, fey, or mystical (as judged by the DM).


Symbol: The Horns of Camulus
Famed For: Fertile Pastures; Strong and disciplined spear fighters; Largest clan; Wealthy Merchants
Notable Heroes: King Edda son of Edda; Feorlic Headtaker
Notable Cities: Blackwater; Keorlis Tarn; The Danwold
Leader: King Edda
Allegiance: The Resistance

The Eddanii are a clan who have long struggled in their long war against the Etruscan empire. Resisting the efforts of the Etruscans and their southern clan puppets, the Eddanii, led by the headstrong King Edda, sixth of his name, have a healthy respect for the old gods and the ways of the druids and despise everything the Etruscans stand for. Edda is much like Telemarkus in many ways, both a shrewd diplomat and powerful warrior. Edda and Telemarkus were never friends, but they always had respect – now they do not even have that.

The Edda march to war led by fierce Falxmen, whose swords find the weak points in the strongest of armour. Led by Feorlic Headtaker, the King’s champion, the Falxmen inspire terror in the forward garrisons of the Etruscans. To the north, the Eddannii are wilder still – in some cases making common cause with the Picts.

Clan Bonus: Edda warriors may learn the dreaded stroke of precision. The Edda are a clan undefeated and indefatigable. Edda armies march through the night to steal a march on the enemy. All Edda have the Endurance NWP.


Symbol: The Longship
Famed For: Raiding Coastlands; Fierce Berserkers
Notable Heroes: Johann Hegg
Notable Cities: Harald's Fjord
Leader: Various clan leaders
Allegiance: Unpredictable

The Nørds had long come to Albion, raiding the lands of what they viewed as soft southern tribes, but now, faced with the approaching threat of marauding Trolls heading south from the shattered land of Trollheim, they have now scattered to the four winds. The Nørds now have an extended diaspora, and some of them have found refuge in the lands they previously raided. New arrivals to Albion, bedraggled and disorganised, the Nørds are unpredictable and fierce – as are their berserkers.

Clan Bonus: Nørds may take the special class Berserker, as shown in The Complete Fighter’s Handbook. Nørds are a seaborne people. All Nørds know the Swimming and Seamanship NWPs.


Symbol: Lots of Woad
Famed For: Being the stuff of nightmares; The blood of giants
Notable Heroes: Arrek, King of Giants
Notable Cities: The Valley of Bones
Leader: Various clan leaders
Allegiance: Unpredictable

The land of the north of Albion is cold and unforgiving, and its people are no different. Painted with woad, scarred, or branded, the flesh of the northern tribes is an artwork painful to behold. Practicing all manner of dark rituals, the picts put more faith in their pacts with dark creatures, or with the might of their arms, than they do with the council of druids. Touched by the mist, many picts are no longer truly human. Driven out of more civilised lands, the wastes are also home to giants, with whom the picts are known to make common cause – or, in the most extreme cases, breed. How this is accomplished is a mystery best left unchecked, but many picts boast a mote of giant’s blood.

Clan Bonus: All other clans (except Edda) have a -2 reaction penalty to Picts. Picts come from a harsh and unforgiving land. All Picts have the Survival NWP. Some picts are non-human: Picts may be Beastmen and Firbolgs. These are detailed in the Complete Book of Humanoids, but with exceptions. Firbolgs may not bat away incoming missiles. Nonhumans may only be played when first consulting the DM.


Symbol: The Crescent
Famed For: Trading; Science; Exploration; Fighting and losing against the Etruscans
Notable Heroes: Hannibal; Dido
Notable Cities: Nova Phoenecia
Leader: Princess Fatima
Allegiance: Neutral

The once great empire of the Phoenicians is no more, reduced to a handful of far-flung colonies. The great ports and palaces which were once thronged with life now lie desolate, abandoned and set ablaze.

The colony of Nova Phoenecia is a small trading colony which now plays host to a government in exile – a civilisation in a jar. In her father’s illness, the colony is led by the enigmatic Princess Fatima, who will stop at nothing to secure the future of her people.

Clan Bonus: All Phoenicians are merchants at heart. Phoenicians have the Appraising NWP. Phoenicians are a people from a warmer clime. In an Albion winter, they suffer a penalty to enduring the weather. Some Phoenicians are the remnants of an almost extinct order of holy warriors dedicated to Isha the moon goddess. Phoenecians may be Paladins with major access to Charm, Healing and Protection, and minor access to Guardian spheres.


Symbol: The Eyed Hands
Famed For: Trading; Exploration; Prophesy
Notable Heroes: Pytheas
Notable Cities: The Observatory
Leader: The Oracle
Allegiance: The Athosian League

A nation of stargazers and oracles, explorers and zealots. Pythians can be found far and wide throughout the world, always working to some mysterious scheme. Treated with suspicion by the Etruscans, their island home remains free only because of the protection offered to them from far Athos.

Like all of the nations the Athosians protect, the Pythians have taken on some aspect of their mentors – in this case their bent for the prophetic.

Who knows why the Pythians are near Albion, but maybe it has something to do with this prophesy:

‘There is a sword beneath the sea that can hold back war's misery
Within a kingdom lost in time, inside a child's mind
It holds the key to endless peace, and so our search can never cease
Our only hope for happiness and end to distress
One fine day we will be saved’

Clan Bonus: Pythian wizards are always specialist wizards. Most commonly diviners. Unlike in other societies, in Pythia, wizards are common. Pythians are founts of (sometimes useful) information. Pythian scholars have bardic lore.